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Epiphany Receives Episcopal Foundation Grant"
Cool air is here!

God is so good! Even when things are going badly, God is good!

On Monday, May 11, we discovered that the air conditioning in the parish hall was not working. I sent an email to Canon Jim Pritchett to let him know of the progress we had made in our fundraising efforts, and added the news about the AC. Jim was at the beach, on vacation, but he forwarded the news to Sue Schwein in the diocesan office. Sue sent me the application forms for a grant through The Episcopal Foundation.

Talk about God's timing being perfect! The materials for the grant were due on May 26. The in-person presentations would be held on June 9. We had just enough time to get our application in. Junior Warden John Babilon and I went to the diocesan office on Tuesday, June 9 and made our presentation. We told Fiscal Ministries and the Foundation Trustees that we are struggling financially and that we have plans to rent portions of our building in order to help ourselves financially.

We received a grant in the amount of $14,098. Bishop Taylor came to give us the good news and told us he didn't usually get to present the check. The members of the Foundation went ahead and wrote Epiphany's check so that we could have the AC installed and rent the Parish Hall for two parties in July.

We contracted with Climate Control Systems for the new HVAC system in the Parish Hall ($12,878). Ross Windows will install new, double-pane windows in the library, classroom, and choir room ($1,220). Climate Control installed the units on July 1 and 2. John Babilon carried off the old units to scrap.

Thank you to Jim and Sue for their work. Thank you to John for your help with the presentation and on the installation days. Thanks to all Epiphany members for your help with our fundraisers for the matching grant and for your prayers surrounding this endeavor.

And many, many thanks to The Episcopal Foundation for helping us get back on track with our own efforts toward growth and self-sufficiency!

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The "Cool" Installation ~

AC Installation!

AC Installation!

AC Installation!